A Warm Welcome!

Dear Guests,

we are pleased to welcome you to our traditional family restaurant.

The Haböck family has been running this restaurant since 1980 and makes a point of paying great attention to the famous traditional cozy Bavarian atmosphere.

We would like to invite you to dive into philosophic thoughts over a refreshing glass of beer, to enjoy our white veal sausages the traditional Bavarian way as well as to relish a passionately competitive game of cards. We are happy to cater for your family parties, company meetings and any other special events you may desire. Please note that due to the fresh preparation of our pan-fried specialties, we may need to keep you waiting a bit longer so as not to compromise quality.

We open at 9:00 a.m. and offer all-day dining from 10:00 a.m. to midnight. We will certainly see to providing you with a parking space for the duration of your visit with us if desired. Please do not hesitate to consult our staff for assistance.

We, the Haböck family and our staff wish you a pleasant stay at our restaurant.


»Servus beinand«

An Guad'n

Food & Drinks

In addition to our standard menu we offer a daily menu. Find three inexpensive dishes from Monday to Thursday with soup, main course and dessert!


(All prices in Euro incl. More Value Tax, Errors excepted)


(All prices in Euro incl. More Value Tax, Errors excepted)

»Wohl bekomm’s«

An Guad'n

Food & Drinks

In addition to our standard menu we offer a daily menu. Find three inexpensive dishes from Monday to Thursday with soup, main course and dessert!


(All prices in Euro incl. More Value Tax, Errors excepted)

Offer of the month

Januar 2019
Monatsangebot gilt nicht an Sonn- und Feiertagen!

Wellfleisch mit Salzkartoffeln und Sauerkraut7,80
Spanferkelbraten mit hausgemachtem Kartoffelsalat7,80
Kalbsrahmgulasch mit Steinpilzen und Nudeln7,80


Homemade liver dumpling soup3,30
Homemade liver Spätzle soup3,30
Homemade semolina dumpling soup3,30
Homemade goulash soup4.80
Noodle soup in beef bouillon3,00
Noodle soup served with pieces of beef4.80
Homemade soup with strips of thin pancake3,30
Beef bouillon with egg3,00
Two semolina or liver dumplings in beef bouillon5.50


Open toast sandwich with ham and melted cheese4.20
Toast Hawaii - open toast sandwich with ham and melted cheese and pineapple rings4.80

Egg Dishes

Omelet with mushrooms4.80
3 eggs sunny-side up or scrambled3.50
3 eggs sunny-side up or scrambled, served with ham4.80

Small Dishes

Farmer’s roast potatoes served with salad and egg8.50
Pan-roasted noodles served with strips of ham and a mixed salad7.50
Egg noodles (Spätzle) topped with grated cheese and roasted onions served with a mixed salad8.50
Breaded & fried camembert cheese served with cranberries and toast5.50
Bavarian-style (processed) meat loaf browned in the pan, topped with an egg sunny-side up, served with German potato salad6.80
Sausage of spleen, sliced, breaded and fried, served with a salad plate6.80


2 white Bavarian–style sausages blended of pork & veal4.50
3 Debrecen sausages served with sauerkraut4.80
2 Regensburg-style sausages4.20
4 Frankfurters (wieners)4.20
4 small pork sausages served with sauerkraut cooked with, bacon bits and seasonings5.20

Brünnstein Special

Grill platter á la »Brünnstein« - a variety of filets, served with mushrooms, french fries, vegetables and grilled tomatoes15.20

Pork Dishes

Sliced, smoked pork belly with sauerkraut and a bread dumpling8.20
Roast pork with potato dumplings and a mixed salad8.50
Escalope with mushrooms in a cream sauce, served with homemade egg noodles (Spätzle) and a mixed salad9,80
Breaded & fried escalope served with french fries and a mixed salad 9.80
Pork filet with home fries, vegetables and mushrooms11.50
Munich-style escalope with home fries and a mixed salad11.80
Pork “Cordon Bleu” (ham and cheese) with sautéed potatoes and mixed salad12.50

Veal Dishes

Original Viennese style, breaded & fried escalope served with home fries and a mixed salad16.50
Cordon bleu - Viennese style filled with ham and cheese, served with home fries and a mixed salad16.80

Beef Dishes

Slice of liver à la Berlin, served with creamy, pureed potatoes and a salad8.80
Hungarian goulash served with bread dumplings and a mixed salad9.20
Simmered beef, served with horseradish, boiled potatoes and a mixed salad9.20

Turkey Dishes

Breaded & fried escalope served with home fries and a mixed salad 9.80
Cordon bleu with home fries and a mixed salad12.80
Turkey escalope “hunters’ style” with mushrooms in a cream sauce, served with egg noodles (Spätzle) and a mixed salad9.80

Platter For Two

Platter à la “Brünnstein,” a variety of filets, 2 small cordon bleus served with french fries, rice, vegetables and grilled tomatoes32.00

Fish Dishes

Ocean perch filet breaded & fried, served with tartar sauce boiled potatoes and a mixed salad9.80
A whole trout braised in butter and served with home fries and a mixed salad10.50
Prawns in garlic butter served with boiled potatoes or rice and a mixed salad10.50
Fried filet of sole served with home fries and a mixed salad9.80
Fried filet of pikeperch served with home fries, herbal butter and a mixed salad12.80

Cold Dishes

“Bologna sausage salad”, made of Regensburg sausages and a marinade heavy with onions and pickles, served with bread5.80
“Bologna sausage salad” Swiss style, made of Regensburg sausages and a marinade heavy with onions, pickles and cheese,
served with bread
Bavarian-style (processed meat loaf served with pickle and bread)5.20
Mixed collared pork served with onion rings5.20
Roast pork served with potato salad and pickle7.50
Snack-time platter with bread and butter7.50
Open-faced cheese sandwich3.50
Slice of bread and boiled ham4.00
Salad topped with strips of ham and chopped boiled egg6.90
Large salad plate topped with turkey strips served with toast8.50

Children’s Favourites

Small breaded & fried original Viennese (veal) escalope served with vegetables and french fries8.80
Small breaded & fried pork escalope served with french fries and a mixed salad6.80
Roast pork with crackling, served with dumplings a mixed salad6.50
2 Frankfurters with french fries4.50
1 Pice of Wiener with french fries4.50
Spaghetti Bolognese with Salat6.20


Four apple fritters served sprinkled with cinnamon sugar4.50
Two crepes, rolled and filled with cranberries4.50
One piece of the cake of the day3.30
Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream4.50
Two crepes, rolled and filled with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup5.00
Kaiserschmarrn, chopped egg pancakes with almonds, raisins, sprinkled with powdered sugar, served with applesauce on the side8.90

Ice Cream

Mixed cup4,20
Mixed cup topped with whipped cream4.20
Sundae with fruit, egg liqueur and topped with whipped cream5.20
Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries4.80

Side Orders

French fries3.00
Large salad plate3.50
Pretzel 0.80


(All prices in Euro incl. More Value Tax, Errors excepted)


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Non-alcoholic wheat beer0.50l3.50
Small dark lager0.25l2.50
Small dark shandy0.25l2.50
Small shandy0.25l2.50
Small wheat beer shandy0.25l2.90
Small wheat beer on tap0.30l2.90
Maierbräu lager on tap0.50l3.50
Small Maierbräu lager on tap0.25l2.50
Maierbräu dark beer on tap0.50l3.50
Landler wheat beer on tap0.50l3.70
Dark wheat beer0.50l3.70
Light wheat beer0.50l3.70
Bock (strong) dark beer0.50l3.70
Uncle Jakob Pils (Bottle)0.33l3.30
Bockerl Bier (Bottle)0,33l3,30
Non-alcoholic lager0.50l3.50
Cola wheat beer mix0.50l4,20
Wheat beer shandy1.00l6.80
Dark beer, cola, Cognac, liqueur mix1.00l9.50
Lager with shot of liqueur served as a “lantern”1.00l9.50
Wheat beer shandy0.50l3.90

Non-alcoholic Beverages

Lemon soda, i.e., Sprite0.50l3.30
Adelholzener (soda medium. CO²)0.70l3.80
Krumbacher (bottled water still or with CO²)0.25l2.30
Table Water0.50l3.00
Kleines Spezi0.20l2.30
Orange juice0.20l2.50
Apple juice0.20l2.50
Grape juice0.20l2.50
Currant juice0.20l2.50
Apple juice spritzer0.50l3.30
Grape juice spritzer0,50l3.30
Currant juice spritzer0.50l3.30
Sour cherry spritzer0.50l3.30
Small apple juice spritzer0.20l2.30
Bitter Lemon (Bottle)0.20l2.50
Tonic Water (Bottle)0.20l2.50

White Wine – Glass

Randersacker Ewig Leben Müller-Thurgau, Trockene Schmitts, Franken0.20l4.10
Deidesheimer Hofstück, Deideshrim, Pfalz Riesling QBA0.20l3.90
Volkacher Kirchberg Müller-Thurgau QBA im Boxbeutel, Röser, Franken0.25l4.90
Grüner Veltliner Qualitätswein, Wachau0.20l3.50
"Vino Bianco Italia" Winzerschoppen Landwein0.20l2.70
Pinot Grigio del Veneto IGT, Venezien0.20l3.90
Chardonnay Blanc de Blanc Vin de Pay`s Val de Loire0.20l3.90

Red Wine – Glass

Corbieres Appelation Corbieres Controlle0.20l3.80
Merlot Rosso Del Venezie IGT0.20l3.80
Della Casa Amabile VDT0.20l3.80
Mönchhofer Blauer Zweigelt0.20l3.80
Dornfelder QBA, Villa Tabernuns,0.20l4.30
Trollinger QBA, Dratz & Able0.20l3.80
Dettelbacher Honigberg, Domina im Boxbeutel0.25l5.90

White Wine – Bottle

Randersacker Ewig Leben Silvaner Kabinett, Trockene Schmitts, Franken0.75l15.50
Zantho Grüner Veltliner Burgenland0.75l16.00
Pecorino, Cantina Offida, Marken0.75l13.50
Passerina Marche IGP, Cantina Offida, Marken0.75l13.50
Pinot Grigio del Veneto IGT, Venetien0.75l12.50

Red Wine – Bottle

Villa Tabernus Dornfelder Qba Rheinpfalz0.75l15.50
Spätburgunder, Fogt, Rheinhessen0.75l18.50
Pannonica Red, Höpler, Burgenland0.75l17.50
Blaufränkisch, Zantho, Burgenland0.75l16.00
Zantho Zweigelt Burgenland0.75l16.00
Palio Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC Abruzzen0.75l16.50
Rosso Piceno Terre Cortesi DOC Marken0.75l13.50
Cotes d Rhone, Chateau St. Jean, Südl. Rhone0.75l19.50
Ugarte Crianza DO, Eguren Ugarte, Rioja0.75l18.90

Wine Spritzer

white or red0.50l3.80

Sparkling Wines

Privat-Cuvee »Zum Brünnstein«0.20l4.50
Privat-Cuvee »Zum Brünnstein«0.75l14.50
Söhnlein Fürst Metternich0.20l5.50
Söhnlein Fürst Metternich0.75l22.00
Autreau Roualet Chamagner0.75l38.00
Le Contesse Extra Dry Prosecco Spumante0.75l18.50
Le Contesse Prosecco Frizzante Piccolo0.20l4.50


Obstler apple/pear schnapps out of a wooden keg 40% Vol.2 cl2.50
Elderflower liqueur 20% Vol.2 cl2.50
Maierbräu beer schnapps 40% Vol.2 cl2.50
Tequila 38% Vol.2 cl2.50
Jack Daniels 40% Vol.2 cl2.50
Johnnie Walker 40% Vol.2 cl2.50
Baileys 17% Vol.2 cl2.50
Feigling 20% Vol.2 cl2.50
Sambuca 40% Vol.2 cl2.50
Amaretto 22% Vol.2 cl2.50
Fürsten Kräuter (herbal) 38% Vol.2 cl2.50
Rum 38% Vol.2 cl2.50
Raspberry schnapps 42% Vol.2 cl2.50
Fernet Branca 42% Vol.2 cl2.50
Vodka 40% Vol.2 cl2.50
Gin 37,5% Vol.2 cl2.50
Cherry schnapps 40% Vol.2 cl2.50
Asbach Uralt 38% Vol.2 cl2.50
Mana2 cl2.90
Underberg 49% Vol.2 cl2.50
Egg liqueur 20% Vol.2 cl2.50
Jägermeister 35% Vol.2 cl2.50
Doornkaat 38% Vol.2 cl2.50
Enzian 40% Vol.2 cl2.50
Slivovic 40% Vol.2 cl2.50
Obstler (apple/pear schnapps) 40% Vol.2 cl2.50
Ramazotti 30% Vol.2 cl2.80
Cherry liqueur 30% Vol.2 cl2.50
Ouzo 38% Vol.2 cl3.20
Martini Bianco oder Rosso5 cl2.50
Malteser Aquavit 43% Vol.2 cl2.50
Pear schnapps with honey 35% Vol.2 cl2.50
Bärwurz (herbal schnapps) 40% Vol.2 cl2.50
Williams pear schnapps 40% Vol.2 cl2.50


Whiskey Cola4 cl5.80
Gin Tonic4 cl5.80
Barcardi Cola4 cl5.80
Wodka Lemon4 cl5.80
Campari Orange4 cl5.80

Hot Drinks

Coffee (cup)2.50
Coffee (mug)3.80
Capuccino (cup)2.80
Latte Macchiato3.80
Chocolate milk (mug)3.00
Coffee (mug) with milk3.80
Tea (mug), black, chamomile, fruit, peppermint, rose hip2.80
Mulled wine (mug)3.80

»Wohl bekomm’s«

Precautionary ...


Dear guests,

online-reservation is under maintenace and will be possible from january 2019!

»Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit«

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